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I have a bone to pick with my yoga teacher

im clearly cut snake cray-cray !

im clearly cut snake cray-cray !

I’m banning myself from reading anymore yoga, health or happiness blogs.

I’m unsubscribing from the incessant spanning from life coaches, naturopaths and other wellness professionals.

I’m clicking ‘hide’, and ‘unsubscribe’ to block the daily bombardment of “inspirational life quotes” from my newsfeed.

I’m breaking up with Twitter and then I’m un-following people on instagram.

Someone needs to call it. No more quinoa recipes, positive affirmations or ‘love yourself’ watery diatribes. Its’ really, f**king simple; just do the things you enjoy and make you happy.

There was a time in my life when the affirmations, life quotes and recipes did make me happy BUT recently I’ve found myself getting lost in a sea of chia-seed appreciated groups, love hearts and rumi quotes. This incessant bombardment of information feels more like a fancy marketing strategy rather than a from-the-heart form of connection and communication.

Call me cynical but I promised myself that I would be more discerning with what messages I allow in and my media consumption.

Its CRAY but after reading post after post of inspiration quotes or daily insights followed with images of people leaping into the air, mediating at the beach then intertwined with cross product/service promotion – it makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

Why complicate things with more dogma, more do’s and dont’s. Don’t do this, don’t eat that, meditate, sing, dance, dry-hump a yoga teacher blah, blah, blah (ALL great things and if you love them – DO IT).

I luurrve yoga, meditation, and on the odd occasion would be totally up for dry-humping a yoga teacher. If u like or want something and it isn’t against the law or has the potential to hurt others – go for it. I just don’t want to be saturated with stories of ‘self discovery’ about it.

I really believe that we a suffering from an oversupply of well-meaning but uppity teachers and wellness professionals who suffer from a rockstar complex. They may as well tattoo “I’m a rockstar, people pay attention and listen to me” on their foreheads.

It’s a freak’n epidemic and its all over your newsfeed and spamming your inbox right now. So teachers, yes whilst I value your insights and your wisdom I’m done with your chia-seed recipes, overused stock images, and really random quoting.

Show me something real; give me something of value, show me what makes you an individual, what makes you tick, your darkness, your light, your strength, your joy. Show me why you even bothered to become a teacher in the first place. Just don’t give me mainstream feel-good bullshit.

Don’t give me this watered down version of new-age spirituality.

Don’t cross promote your sister, your brother, your friend, or your mums product or service unless its extremely relevant or you yourself have tried it and truly, hand-on-heart believe in the benefit.

It’s not good enough, and the people who click ‘like’ or ‘subscribe’ deserve better than that.

Do not use the word “Authentic” unless you truly are…

And if you post a photo of the green smoothie you had for breakfast I will personally punch you in the face.

Originally posted for Elephant Journal

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